CPAP Digital Machine

CPAP Digital Machine

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EcoStarTM Auto is a Positive Pressure device with a large range of features to improve the comfort and

treatment compliance of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). Adapts

easily to the user’s daily routine, and guarantees high-performance, comfort and ease of use. The air

inlet filter is highly accessible, making it easy for the user to independently perform routine maintenance

on the device.

The EcoStarTM Auto algorithm responds to moderate obstructive events such as inspiratory flow

limitation and snoring. The differentiation between obstructive and central events allows the device to

deliver the optimum pressure at anytime, only increasing the pressure in case of apneas or hypopneas

identified as obstructive by the algorithm.

Product Features

  • Disconnected mask function

  • Specific auto-calibration function.

  • Auto ON function

  • Ramp Function.

  • Calibration Comfort Function

  • Data Management and sleep apnea analysis software